$olidThaHustla (Solid), is an upcoming artist who grew up in Los Angeles, California, also known as the 818 area. Like many people, Solid’s upbringing influenced a lot of who he is today as an artist and his creative skills. Described as a “solid individual” by a close friend, $olidThaHustla’s artist name is derived from the fundamentals of a “solid” personality trait.

Solid is known to be in the self-investment stages of his life, where he finds himself rediscovering oneself through his hard work, which is put in his own words as “hustling and grinding”. These efforts within self-motivation and discipline through overcoming obstacles are what he hopes to “impact the world,” as he progresses to being a well-known influential individual of this era.

Solid likes to describe himself as a young hustler with a flashy sense of style that is complementary to his versatile melodic music. With great positivity and motivation, Solid pulls his lyrical/musical inspiration from Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, and his father. When asked who his biggest motivation was, he namely stated himself as his leading subject of determination. Solid has accomplished a variety of onset goals within his career from creating his own record label (Finesse Season) with a group of close friends to completing a total of 30 shows in 2017-2019 and being featured as a LA underground artist.

Within these accomplishments, he hopes to one day own a venue and retire by 27 years of age, with $10 million. In his free time, Solid likes to visit epilepsy events, offer giveaways to the less fortunate, as well as children from his community, listen to music, smoke weed, and be health cautious through cooking as he is a vegan.  To quote Solid in his musical journey, he leaves us with these words of wisdom “People are fake, fans like the fake ones more than the real ones“ and “Don’t trust people but always use what people tell you, you can learn from anyone.” He wants his fans to work and stay focused on their main individual goals.

“I love y’all for supporting and stayin down”-$olidThaHustla 
“Shout out Finesse Season/label/ brand. Shout out My lil brother YNC Kay3.”

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Instagram: solid2thagrave 

YouTube: solid thahustla

Written By: Sabrina Hernandez 

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