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Earlier this month the female icon by the name of Megan Thee Stallion, hit the Saturday Night Live stage. She is now the second female rapper to appear on SNL as a host alongside Queen Latifah back in 2004. She filled the room with highly entertaining performances and of course jokes all night long. She opened the night with a powerful monologue leading into the introduction of her songs. In her monologue she shared that finishing college while pursuing her rap career was very difficult but was able to set time aside to satisfy both. This past summer the hot girl herself blessed us with the album “Traumazine” is full of incredible tracks that were near and dear to her heart and her fans.
On SNL Megan chose to perform songs off her newest album. Her performance to the song “Anxiety” was marked as a career highlight for Megan, as she also mentions her new mental health website called “Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too”. The song “Anxiety” refers to her mother who died from brain cancer in 2019. She shares her truth through her lyrics hoping fans will understand and resonate with her. She also performed a mashup of the two tracks “NDA” and “Plan B”.
Megan looked absolutely gorgeous on stage. The backdrop was a large glitter tiara. She wore a red sequin dress alongside her background dancers. They were all dressed as pageant queens with sashes titled “Miss Underpaid” and “Miss Overworked”. Fans loved the emotion she showed during the entire night as they teared up alongside Megan.
If you missed the live SNL performance last week, don’t worry, the entire show is out on YouTube for anyone to watch and enjoy. Megan announced now that she will be taking a small break from being very exhausted. We will all be patiently waiting for what’s next for Megan.

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