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Meet NYTVillian, the wholehearted and raw artist breaking out in the music industry! Born and raised in the Virgin Islands (St. Thomas and Tortola, respectively), NYTVillian coins Hip-Hop as the soundtrack to his life. Growing up, he made music and shared his love of art through doing so! After moving to LA in 2021, he began actively pursuing a career in music, landing him over 100,000 streams on a single. 

Originally coming up with the name NYTVillian from his Instagram handle, the ‘NYT’ portion means “not your typical,” from his musical subject matter to his accent, “I am indeed, not your typical anything.” NYTVillian states. Villain was originally his artist name with the ‘I’ before the ‘A’ to represent his home, The Virgin Islands. 

“Everyone is a Villain in somebody’s story, myself included. Even the hero is the villain to someone. And I think we should embrace that…And the person who is seen as the hero is just someone upholding the systems that be. In my book that looks like anti-blackness, timidity, complacency, the emasculation of young black men. The intent to divide the black family.” He explains. 

Inspired by his culture and life, NYTVillian’s music is all about perspective. As an upcoming artist, he aims to thrive for Drake’s level status and to surpass that. Motivated by his future self, he aims to create a sustainable living off his career in music, establish his name in the Hip-Hop community, win a Grammy Award, and much more. 

Although it hasn’t always been a smooth transition, especially as an independent artist, NYTVillian describes his journey as beautiful and highlights the lessons he’s learned in the process. Finding joy in seeing other dedicated artists perform and getting great feedback about his music, NYTVillian urges people to listen up cause soon it’ll be unavoidable. 

“It’s best to get ahead and get familiar with my name. And the music is dope!” He expresses. “If you can relate to the themes of Self-improvement. Self-evolution, Technical rapping ability. The story of a first-generation, young black man paving the way for himself. Navigating life and sticking to the plan. Among many other things, look no further.”

Currently having one project from years ago under a different name and 31 singles out. With a unique sound in each song, NYTVillian writes all his music and even used to produce, but chooses to focus on just being an artist. Working with his brother Kai (Kcnotes) for the production of his tracks, NYTVillian records his music and creates the artwork and backend. After recently releasing “Shake Sum,” he’s currently working on rerecording a project called ‘All In A Night’s Work,’ which he’s been working on for about a year now, it should be out later this year. Enjoying the power to impact lives by telling his story and living his life, he leaves upcoming artists the advice to follow their own journey. 

“Always be in learning mode, you can never be too great. Do not ever dim your light so that someone else can feel comfortable, it is not your job to make others feel comfortable. Be you!” NYTVillain conveys.

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Among the many musical talents NYTVillian has, he’s also an unofficial member of New Era Long Beach, worked at the Hot & Cool Cafe in Leimert Park, was the Vice President of the Black Student Union at his former junior college, he’s big on giving back to his community and credits them for being a part of who he is. When he’s not in the studio, however, he enjoys working out, traveling, listening to music, and overall learning!

He leaves readers with a message: “I am coming for EVERYTHING. I love you as much as you love yourself! Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon!

Be sure to follow his journey and listen below!

Instagram: nytvillian

YouTube: nytvillian

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