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Opening shot of "Weird" by YG music video

YG kicks off summer with another solo track titled “WEIRD”, which was released on May 24th. Throughout the song he explains the street’s pulse with raw energy as the artist unleashes a blistering critique of perceived weakness and inauthenticity. With each line, he paints a vivid picture of a world where toughness reigns supreme and vulnerability is scorned. The repeated usage of “weird” echoes throughout the entire song, challenging listeners to prove their worth in a merciless urban landscape.

“WEIRD” By YG music video

The lyrics seethe with tension, as the artist boasts of his gang’s fearsome reputation and his own reckless lifestyle. He scoffs at those who falter in the face of danger, mocking their tears and fears. The intensity builds with each verse, as he threatens to jeopardize his own fame and success to maintain his street credibility. It’s a raw, unfiltered glimpse into a world where respect is everything, and the slightest sign of weakness can mark you as an outcast – a “weirdo” in a realm that demands unwavering toughness.

From the catchy beats to the drums throughout this song, it makes it difficult to not bop your head throughout. A pattern that’s easy to dance to, combined with punchy percussion, makes the song instantly memorable and energizing.

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