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“Caresha Please” Yung Miami’s new podcast debuted on June 11th, interviewing one of the most famous rappers of all time, Diddy. As her first-ever guest on “Caresha Please”, Diddy took the hot seat as Caresha is known for her candid approach as she likes to keep things real with her viewership. In this new Revolt series which is Miami based, just like Caresha, many off-limit questions were fundamentally touched based.

Within that, both P. Diddy and Caresha disclosed their heavily speculated relationship. Both of them confessed to being in a romantic relationship with one another and also included how their relationship comes to play within their work life. Their honesty of course and the complementary success that surrounds their endeavors within the music industry has helped launch the start of the Podcast.

Due to the heated conversations in which Diddy named Caresha one of the most real people he has ever known, the show is known to officially be a fan favorite. Caresha’s raw and uncut introduction is one of the qualities that makes this podcast stand out, as it differentiates itself from the many talk shows that attempt to cover things up within the industry. In the introduction, you can sense the chemistry between Diddy and Caresha, as their cheekiness is displayed through light flirtation. That is the initial giveaway in the hints of a relationship reveal, as both of them transition into fully sticking to one name of recognition for P-Diddy, known as Diddy.

Caresha also admits that the podcast is her first-ever trial in interviewing someone else and hosting her own show, which expresses her courage within the industry. There is a lot more to learn from Caresha and from other R&B/ Rap counterparts that will attend her podcast. Remember to subscribe through Spotify for more information. She has a lot more in store for us so be sure to stay tuned!

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