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Introducing Hip Hop artist, The Black Boy King. The inspiration behind his name reflects his belief that he has been a king since birth, and his determination to live each day to the fullest. King was born in Michigan and raised in Las Vegas, but has also lived in Los Angeles and is currently in Dallas, Texas. Having moved a lot and had to pick himself up in the past, he has always been ready for this career.

King is just recently dropped his latest song, “My Time feat. Curt Flo, Dansonn.” The song is intended to motivate listeners to seize the moment and make the most of their time. The Black Boy King mentions that he has collaborated with several major artists and has more music planned for release throughout the year. He has been making music and writing songs since around 2015. Music has always been a big part of his life. His Dad played guitar and his mom was into music from her generation, and his brother was also trying to make it as a producer.

All his music is about his experiences in life and what’s happening in the world from his perspective. “It’s been a wild ride so far, but if my music can inspire someone, then it’s all worth it.” Right now, King has his own label called Kingdom House Records which is starting to gain more traction. His ultimate goal is to make great music, travel the world, and share his art with as many people as possible.

King describes his music as unique and his own. He talks a bit about his past where he’s been at rock bottom and lived a life of luxury but never forgot where he came from. As far as other artists he’s been inspired from the timeless rap of the ’90s and early 2000s, and Southern rap like Texas and Pimp C. His all-time favorite group is Wu-Tang Clan.

This year, his goal is to increase awareness and become one of the major independent players on Spotify and other streaming platforms. His plan is to work hard and stand out. Having faced obstacles and negativity from others he has managed to overcome them and be proud of where he is today. Currently, he runs his own record label, Kingdom House Records, as an independent artist. He writes, co-produces, and records his own music, but collaborates with major producers. He has released nine singles, written over 150 songs, and produced about 55. He is currently working with Anno Domini and Oli Temper. Right now he is working on a new song that features Sean Kingston, so get excited!

The final message he would like to leave to his fans is to appreciate life every day and not take anything for granted. Lastly, to express themselves musically and not be afraid of taking risks. King appreciates all his fans for their love towards his music. Make sure to check out his music on all streaming platforms and follow him on Spotify!

Instagram: blackboykingofficial

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