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Meet S4G Lotto! He was born and raised in Georgia and currently live in Los Angeles, California. “Stacking 4 Generations,” the independent artist has been in the industry for about 3 years and is really taking the time to perfect his craft as much as possible putting it out into the world. Providing for his loved ones is something that he hopes to continue to do. “Creating generational wealth is the ultimate goal to achieve.”

S4G Lotto is currently at the stage of his career now where he can see his music getting noticed by a lot more people. People are beginning to know who he is when out in public which is something S4G Lotto can get very familiar with.  His musical inspiration varies from TI to Future and Jay Z. “They are all great and different artists, and you can tell they put the time and work into their craft. It is very respectable.” From Hip-Hop to R&B to Rap, S4G Lotto does it all! As an artist who writes their own music, he likes to talk about his upbringing, life experiences, and goals.

When asked who is his biggest motivation, S4G Lotto responded “My biggest motivation is my family. Family is everything to me. There are many things and places I would love for my family to experience. If they can experience it because of me, that is everything.” One of his favorite accomplishments that he has so far is releasing his first single. It has received amazing feedback and is definitely a fan favorite.

As an artist who writes their own music, S4G Lotto always keeps it real with his listeners. In his most recent track “The Honest Truth,” S4G Lotto showcases his true, authentic self while sharing his story with his listeners. Within the next five years, S4G Lotto sees himself making more of the music that he loves. He would also like to do more live performances, modeling, and spend time with his family.

 S4G Lotto is currently working on a few songs. He has a lot more in store for his fans in 2023. “I cannot tease any future releases or projects but I do suggest you stay tuned in and ready. I am definitely going bigger.” Stay up to date with S4G Lotto — not just the music portion of the industry. You can check out his clothing line S4G and look out for some modeling appearances as well!


Instagram: S4G_lotto

YouTube: S4G Lotto

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