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Florida native, Lady Elegance is ready for you to hear her unique sound. Not only does she do all genres, but also describes her vibe as R&B/Neo-soul with the addition of gospel. Yung Bleu, Brandy, and Kirk Franklin are just a few of the artists she wants to collaborate with. Although born in Pensacola, FL she grew up in Navarre and Fort Walton Beach FL. Originally her artist name was Lady ENT, and ENT stood for Elegance of Natural Talents. She decided to drop the NT and go by Lady El’egance. 

When she was five, she watched a Whitney Houston music video. One day her dad heard her singing and wanted to hear her sing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. Missy Elliot has also been an inspiration to her. Also at the age of five, she participated in talent shows, and choir and even auditioned in front of the producers for America’s Got Talent. Since she was 15 years old, she has been writing songs. It wasn’t until last year that she started pushing her music out. 

Even though she has received good feedback, Lady El’egance wants her music to go as far as it can. Her music is uplifting and she wants to make people feel good about themselves. She wants to build a fanbase that rocks with her music and sound. She also wants to motivate others and stop people from giving up on their dreams. One day, Lady El’egance hopes to be performing worldwide and doing motivational events. A moment that would make her cry tears of joy is the day she gets to perform and the crowd sings her lyrics. 

Besides motivating herself, Lady El’egance makes music for the people who are no longer here and wholeheartedly believed in her. Every day she pushes for them because they believed in her dreams and saw her vision. 

When it comes to labels, Lady El’egance has heard too much and is an independent artist. She does not want anyone to change who she is or her sound. Lady El’egance writes her own music and purchases all of her beats from beatstars. Willie Blackmon with House of bars and CTown with Wamm Studios are her producers. 

Starting from the bottom has been a bit challenging for Lady El’egance, and there are many obstacles she’s overcoming. She is learning everything on her own, but when the projects are complete it is worth it. Even though distributing music is easy, getting people to share, stream, and download is the hard part. She is working to find her target audience. Everyone has different choices in what they like to listen to which makes the process a little difficult. 

Aside from my music, she is releasing a book called “Don’t Put Me in a Box.” She enjoys reading and dancing. Lady El’egance is also working on the music video for her song “Boss Up.” Be sure to check out the video when it is released! 

“I Am Queen” is an uplifting song made for all women. This song is meant to inspire women to keep pushing. She worked with a videographer to create the music video for this song. All the dance moves were created by her and she found joy in teaching the dancers what she created. Although it was hot the day the video was made, it was worth it in the end. Click the link below to watch the “I Am Queen” music video. 

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Her life mottos are: “It is what it is,” and “A denial is just a delay for something better.” If you are looking to get into the music industry, pace yourself. There will be obstacles, but that does not mean you have to give up. 

“Don’t allow anyone to tear you down and let you give up on your dreams. Remember why you do what you do. Pray, meditate, and go into every situation with a positive mindset. What is meant to be will be.” states Lady El’egance 

Lady El’egance stays true to herself. If she can’t be herself when creating music, then she won’t do it. Her imagination runs heavy which helps her come up with ideas when creating new work. For her, it’s more than just the music.

Lady El’egance’s music is available to stream and download on all music platforms! 

Instagram: authorladyelegance and ericaramey19 

Youtube: ladyent1 

TikTok: ladyelegance24


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