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DON YC is an artist, and a rapper born and raised in Oklahoma. He was raised all around Oklahoma and Midwest City due to the struggle of a single mother trying to raise 5 kids on her own. But he is now based in the suburb of Norman, Oklahoma.

DON YC sees himself as a bandanna-wearing, free spirit. He started his music journey as an escape from his traumatic experiences of not having a father. But now he means business and is here to stay He takes those feelings and injects them into his music. It’s one of his motivations, along with failure. DON YC has the grit to get back up when knocked down, continuing down his path regardless of the neigh-sayers. He prides himself on his resilience, and his ability to not give up on his dreams.

DON YC’s genre is mainly Hip-Hip with a little bit of RnB and Pop sound is what he describes as “an authentic genre of love” and a “slap you in the face if you mess with me,” or a Rap pop star laying on one sandwich. He ends up focusing on the structures of his songs, putting more emphasis on the message than lyrical metaphors. DON YC is more interested in telling you a story than giving you riddles.

DON YC’s musical journey has been anything but smooth. He’s pushed through friends, family, and relationships that offered no support or belief in his music. But having never given up and now he’s proud that the hoods he once grew up in are now partying to his music. He’s invested a lot into it, both time and money. All while also serving in the National Guard Army, and all his efforts are starting to bear fruit.

As of right now, DON YC is in the building stage of his career. Focusing on his core audience and building that organic fan base is important to him along with not moving too fast. The next step for him is performing at clubs and arenas. In 5 years he sees himself on tour and writing for other artists in the game. While also collaborating with his favorite artists Chris Brown, Vedo, and NBA Youngboy.

DON YC writes, records, and engineers his music. But also works with his top Kontrabandz and DillyGotItBumpin.The part of making music he loves most is the writing process, he’s especially proud of “I’m Wrong PT. 2.” He’s also said he may not be the best lyricist, but you’ll feel something coming away from his music. His music is there to speak to his listener’s souls and to connect with them on another level.

As of right now, DON YC has 2 official albums out ‘Chaos on MaryDale,’ which is his favorite. And ‘Chaos on MaryDale, Vol 2,’ along with 5 singles. He’s also currently working on his best album yet, the 12-track  project is set to be released sometime in June 2023. In the meantime, he’s focusing on releasing a set of mixtapes, a cover of “Mr. Telephone Man” by New Edition, and working on behind-the-scenes videos for his music.

Make sure to check out DON YC’s social media and all of his music available at the links below:

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Instagram: DONYC_NC

YouTube: @donyc864

Other: Facebook: DON YC MUSIC


Apple Music:


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