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Get to know Skii Mask Lux XO, the skateboarder, back pack kid paving his way in the music industry. Born and raised between Brooklyn, NY, and Atlanta, GA, he began by gaining inspiration from artists of different genres and eras such as Method Man and Ludacris. Coining his name from being an undiscovered talent that has the luxury of being able to be different and incorporate diversity in his songs in addition to being inspired by The Weeknd, as of right now, Skii Mask Lux XO has been creating and making music while owning his own label, Da Frat Hxouse LLC and working with artists IamSonCie and StarrBux. 

Merging elements of Hip-Hop, Rock, RnB, and EDM, he’s tapped into different styles of music for all listeners to enjoy. Having schizophrenic episodes has also given Skii Mask Lux XO different alter egos such as Chase Dash which is where his more conscious life-inspired influences and silky wordplay comes into play on slower, sexier instrumentals. On the other hand, Skii Mask Lux XO involves a party-hard, drug-induced, violent, and strip club persona. 

Having been in the music industry for two years now, Skii Mask Lux Xo has learned a plethora of different things from many other artists. The fast-growing artist fully decided to pursue music and leave an impact after having a close call to death from the COVID pandemic. Describing his sound as a romantic car crash, the independent artist plans on teaming up with a management company to create music videos and promotions! Having ups and downs in the music industry, Skii Mask Lux XO overall describes his journey as significant and being a part of the process. Creating his favorite memory from his first performance at a strip club, he grew closer to his fanbase!

With eight singles and his 2020 album, All Smoke out, Skii Mask Lux XO opens up about not having a favorite. 

“Every time I make a new song it’s going to be my favorite so I’m not the one to ask. But if I had to choose right now it would be ‘Demon Juice’. I just love how diverse and the different sounds that I created on this single. It was a wild experience.”

Although working on releasing new songs this year with collaborations with other artists and producers, music videos for ‘With You’ and ‘Shak’n It’ have been released with a few more videos for other singles coming out soon! Writing all of his music, Skii Mask Lux Xo uses beats from C-Sick alongside working with a vocal engineer (Bryce, BrizzyLowkey, Williams) and master engineer, Logan Ryan. 

Having the freedom of making music at any time and being able to work with other people, Skii Mask Lux XO brings something different to the table and focuses on being himself rather than following trends and faking who he is. Hoping to collaborate with artists such as The Weeknd, he aims to expand more with his music, create more videos, and connect with more fans. 

Living by the motto, “love the people that love you, stack your money and stay low-key”, Skii Mask Lux XO’s nieces and nephews are his biggest motivation. When he’s not working on music, he enjoys having house parties, bowling, watching movies, and traveling to different countries. In the near future, he sees himself doing more shows and acting in a film though he plans to embrace everything that comes his way. On top of this, Skii Mask Lux XO has given back to his close community by having a couple of barbecues and game nights to make people feel good. 

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Advising anyone looking to pursue music to keep their circle small and tight, get to know and cherish the people that actually support them, and stay true to themselves while making sure they’re different from everyone else. 

Skii Mask Lux XO also leaves his fans with the message!

“Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do something that you love because if you do then you might as well throw your dreams away.”

Be sure to follow Skii Mask Lux XO on all social media and listen to his music below!

Instagram: Skii Mask Lux XO
YouTube: Skii Mask Lux XO 


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