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Born and raised in Dallas, Texas Hafto is an artist who uses feelings to express his complex artwork. Since 2019, Hafto has been in the industry and has had a passion for music and poetry throughout his childhood. Upon his first song release, he realized he wanted to make a name for himself in the music industry. Listening to music has helped him get through challenging times and he wants to be that for another person. When his music was published, his mother was so
proud of his accomplishment but the journey was only getting started.

Having learned a lot about the music industry, he is trying to make a name for himself. While making music, Hafto was looking for ways to express himself and kept repeating “have to do it”. He then thought of “have to” and, with a few changes, came up with his artist name. Hafto is in “chapter 3” of his career where he will break his releases into chapters. He hopes his career will lead him to a steady income so that he is content and proud that he made something of himself.

The artist has been gaining more attention and wants to collaborate with artists such as Zayn and The Weekend. In the future, he hopes to be living a happy and successful life who someone he loves. Happiness and peace are his main goals for the future. Although he writes and engineers his own music, sometimes he gets beats from other people. Zach Sutton has frequently worked with Hafto to mix and master some fire music. Ranging from classical music to hip-hop, Hafto has released 11 projects. His first EP, Altered Reality, is his favorite project because it helped lead the foundation.

On Altered Reality, he was able to talk about different topics like faith love, and loyalty. Hafto jumps between genres a lot and mystique helps develop his sounds.
Outside of making music, Hafto enjoys reading poetry and spending quality time with others. At his local religious center, Hafto mentors kids as well as fundraising for countries in troubling times. Hafto is always about helping the youth today and nurturing the youth for tomorrow.

The music industry is cutthroat and people are selfish about it. Many trials and tribulations have taught the rapper valuable lessons. He has lost many people whom he wanted by his side. Despite it all, his drive for expression has kept him going. The rapper wants to be a part of redefining what art means in his community.

There are many people in his personal life that Hafto looks up to, but in the end, he wants to make his parents proud of what he has accomplished.
Earlier this month, he released his new single “The Soul PT 1.” This song is the first single of chapter 3. The song is inspired by Pound Cake/ Paris Morton 2. Challenges and time off pushed Hafto to make this song. Hafto also has another single release that will focus on how he can improve his behavior. After that, the singles will serve as the initial EP project for Chapter 3.

Coming from a background that is underrepresented in the music business, has allowed Hafto to bring a positive attitude and unique life experiences to the table. Be sure to check out Hafto and stream his music down below!

A message to his fans: “I am not a face, but a feeling”

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Instagram: hafto_
YouTube: hafto

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