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Independent artist Slo-Mo is a musician who takes pride in where he comes from. The Montebello native is an artist who makes music based on how he is feeling that day. Although he does not like to go by the term “rapper,” his style is a soulful vibe that contains West Coast lyrics with a southern approach to the mic. 

Slo-Mo is known as your go-to guy if you want to have a good time. “Everybody knows that I vibe with everybody at the party. I try to keep it cool with everyone, and that’s why everyone really knows me as “the networker”. A real-ass life networker. My whole life people have known me as someone who was going to push the envelope. I’m approachable, a good father, a good husband, a good friend, excellent businessman.  I’m a chef, I’m an inventor and an artist.”

Along with being an artist, Slo-Mo is also a business owner. Both ventures have allowed him to really take my music to a fully developed level. He goes on to say “I feel like I’m making music, I’m not just writing rap. I’m exactly where I want to be because I’m really just trying to enjoy it. I’m finally getting to show the world my poetry and music is my segway.” Motivated by his children, Slo-Mo is doing this to show them that no matter what dreams you have, they may not happen when you want them to. But if you stay with it, they will happen when they are supposed to.

What sets Slo-Mo apart from the rest, is his music is universal and has a good mix of different energies. No matter who you are, there is at least one song that you are going to want to bump and hopefully tell your friends about. In the next few years, he would like to have his book series out along with a few more projects. His latest release “We On” is the single off his LP “The Grey Area Project”. “We On” is just Slo-Mo writing something inspirational and let ’em know that it’s our time to do something. The single is out now on all streaming platforms, and you can listen to the single below!

Instagram: slomo_vizion

YouTube: Slo-Mo 

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