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GabrielTheHeart was born in Louisiana and grew up in Washington state. Ever since his early childhood, he has been exploring music but actually started playing the piano at the age of 17. That was his first introduction to music composition in production. Poetry inspired his musical career because he was able to deliver his thoughts and help others who have been through similar life experiences as him. His stage comes from being able to use words to evoke emotion and help others to understand what’s going on inside them. GabrielTheHeart uses a mix of
genres that focus on the sound of conscious rap.

Whether helping out at homeless shelters or mentoring individuals with a troubled past, GabrielTheHeart has always been involved in helping others. In the future, the rapper hopes to have a strong influence on others and be successful in the music industry. One of his most memorable experiences was meeting a legendary artist named Layzie Bone.

Layzie Bone encouraged him to continue music no matter what. Other experiences include realizing what he is truly capable of as an artist. GabrielTheHeart has two German Shepards, a Cane Corso, and a Catahoula leopard. Aside from raising dogs, he still enjoys writing poetry and playing the piano.

As an independent artist, it has not always been easy. Networking and gaining momentum have been a challenge, but it is needed in order to progress. If you are looking to get into the industry, start early and don’t be afraid of the pitfalls of trying to pursue music. He currently has one EP out and another on the way.

“Stories of the Heart” is his favorite project because it’s the genesis of his music endeavors. Every song he puts out is all his own production. Aside from that, he has been planning collaborations with a few underground artists. “More Heart Less Pain” is his latest project. Be sure to check it out below.

Instagram: _theofficialg.t.h
Youtube: GabrielTheHeart


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