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Uno Jones is a rising artist from Atlanta, Georgia, who has been making waves in the music industry with his unique sound and high-energy performances. Born in North Ridge, California, Jones grew up in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and now calls Atlanta his home. Jones is a talented and hardworking individual who remains determined to achieve his goals, and his music is a testament to his passion and creativity. He has been in the music industry since 2020 when he signed his first management agreement, but he has been writing music since he was seven years old.

Uno Jones is looking to make a positive impact on his community. He plans to give back to the community this Thanksgiving by providing plates and feeding a family. Motivated by a strong desire to see change and inspired by the unique sound of Atlanta’s trap music, Jones is a true creative and an artist to watch out for in the industry. According to him, the most important drivers of his motivation are family and the desire to be a positive influence on others.

“I want to position myself as someone they can look up to and consult for advice because I’m the elder brother,” Jones says. “I want to be there mentally, emotionally, and financially for them.” Jones has worked hard to get where he is today, collaborating with well-known DJs like DjCalvinAtl and Kutthroat and serving as an opener for acts like Asian Doll and Papperlovvve in the studio. Nothing in the music industry comes easy and Jones has faced challenges such as getting comfortable in front of the camera and coming up with material for his brand. However, he remains determined to see a significant improvement in his brand overall and achieve accomplishments that support his efforts.

For the most part, Jones writes his own music but has collaborated with several producers and engineers including Sologoinbrazy, Daniel Few, Money Making Mitch, and Teddy “GIFTEDMIXEDIT.” So far, he has released nine singles, with “Glock 19” and “Molly Party (Birthday Song),” being his favorites. These tracks demonstrate his versatility and the power of his flow, as well as how he can change genres seamlessly. Currently, Jones is working on a four-song tape with a long-time friend and a gifted producer named Zoowe. Be sure to check out “Glock 19” and “Molly Party (Birthday Song).” Uno Jones’ music is available on apple music and Spotify.

Instagram: @Uno_jones
YouTube: @unojones
Twitter: @UnoJones1


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