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Sabrina K. is an independent, aspiring new artist who creates RnB and Christian music that will make you want to groove yet also reflect emotionally and spiritually. Her biggest motivation is her faith in Jesus Christ as well as her desire to make the world a better place through both philanthropy and her music.

The 24-year-old writes her own music but has worked with producers such as Kingdom Voice Productions, Minko Emmanuel, and Dave Herring. She feels as though collaboration is a “vital aspect of music creation.”

The rising artist is at a pivotal point in her career, just beginning her journey and letting her fan base grow organically. Sabrina hopes to connect people from all around the world through her music regardless of cultural differences. “I envision myself as a household name in the music industry, a symbol of faith and [an] inspiration for listeners around the world.”

Sabrina strives to be a modern image of faith and showcase how her faith and cultural identity can coexist. She blends her African heritage with contemporary urban and R&B styles to create an overall emotive and soulful sound.

There are a handful of musical inspirations that have fueled her artistic fire. Her faith in Jesus Christ, her life experiences in the United States and Cote d’lviore, as well as artists such as H.E.R, Asha Elia, and Koryn Hawthorne. Koryn Hawthorne specifically is an artist Sabrina would like to collaborate with because she resonates with her artistry and feels it aligns with her personal, musical journey.

When asked about her 2023 plans she said she will “…keep creating captivating music that resonates with people’s hearts and souls.” Connecting with her audience and sharing her journey of faith is important for her as an artist. Whether this be through collaboration, live performance, or simply more projects put out, Sabrina is hopeful for progress as the year closes. These aspects also go beyond just 2023; In years to come she hopes to be a well-established and influential artist.

The “Something New” singer also has goals outside of music. She is passionate about using her growing platform for philanthropy. “Giving back to the community is a core value of mine, and I want to make a positive impact by supporting causes like education, specifically tech education, creative development in the youth, and mental health awareness.”

Sabrina has only been involved with music for a year but is ready to make big waves in the industry. “It was when I realized that music was more than just a passion; it was a calling. I had been writing songs and performing at school events and open mic nights, and the response from the audience was so profound. I witnessed firsthand how music could touch hearts, uplift spirits, and connect people.”

Since her time in the industry has been quite short, she has realized just how much it takes to create something substantial in the industry. Patience is an element she has become acquainted with, understanding her success may not be immediate, but it certainly will come with time.

Although she wishes she knew how much patience was required prior to delving into the industry, Sabrina is still eager to produce more and has seen and felt what it is like to have success. A memorable highlight for Sabrina was the release of her debut single “Something New.” There was such a positive reaction to the track, solidifying to Sabrina that she was on the right path to making music. This newfound resilience is something she will continue to hold on to as her journey continues.

Outside of making music, coding, and creating content for her social media channels, writing, and spending time with friends are activities that allow her time to recharge creatively and spiritually. However, making music remains her biggest priority.

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Her favorite aspect of being an artist is the ability to express her emotions through sounds, creating music that can touch people’s lives. She said that releasing a song goes beyond just being a project for her, it becomes everyone’s to share and connect with. No matter cultural, financial, or even spiritual differences, music can connect anyone. This is also why she feels as though people should listen to her music because it can resonate with a variety of people and overall be uplifting to anyone.

Sabrina is currently working on her next single which will be released later this year, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Additionally, for anyone interested in following in her footsteps, she says to stay true to yourself, be persistent, and never stop learning.

As a final message to her fans she says, “To my fans, I want to say thank you for your unwavering support and love. You are the heartbeat of my music, and I am endlessly grateful for your presence on this journey. Remember that you are never alone, and together, we can find hope, joy, and inspiration through music.”’

“Be the light.”

Socials: Instagram/ Tik Tok/ YouTube @sabrinakmusic

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