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Over the past few years, on or around the anniversary of A$AP Yams’ passing, A$AP Mob have organized “Yams Day,” a concert which is intended to honor the loss of the groups’ founder and mentor. This year, A$AP Rocky performed his new song “Same Problems?” a tribute to those among the hip hop community that have passed away. The somber track is an unusual sound for the “F**kin’ Problems” rapper, potentially entering a new era in his music.

Photo from Yams Day 2019

The song itself delves into some pretty heavy topics discussing violence and drugs in rap, as well as the mental, emotional, and even physical aftermath of how the topics impact the hip hop community. The lyrics in the chorus say, “How many problems get solved? / Am I a product of things that I saw? / How many problems get solved? / Am I a product of things in my songs? / How many problems get solved? / Am I a product of all of my flaws? / How many problems get solved? / If we don’t get involved?” Throughout the performance, Rocky showed images of rappers such as Takeoff, Mac Miller, DMX, and more; All of whom have passed away at some point over the years.

A$AP Rocky hopes to put into perspective the gravity of how rap music and its portrayal of the superstar lifestyle has a multitude of negative effects, including death within the industry. Rocky went on to discuss survivor’s guilt, and even feeling it himself, in an interview with GC this past December. Overall, the New York rapper is igniting change in the community as opposed to watching the tragedies happen on the sidelines.

Take a listen to “Same Problems?” below.

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