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As he gears up for a new album release, NBA Youngboy, also known as Youngboy Never Broke Again, has come out with two pre-released singles thus far. One track includes “WTF” featuring Nicki Minaj, while the other is “Rear View” featuring Mariah the Scientist.” The album titled ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ is set to release on April 21st and will include 33 tracks.

The “Make No Sense” rapper has very recently released his prior album ‘I Rest My Case’ back in January of this year, intriguing fans regarding such a large new album approaching. However, NBA Youngboy is no stranger to releasing multiple albums in a year. Back in 2020 he released five albums all including an average of 15 tracks. So, a 33-track album is still a surprise in length, but is not so out-of-the-norm for the hardworking rapper.

As for “Rear View,” the track includes Youngboy’s typical rap style paired with Mariah’s sweet vocals. The chorus portrays the message of needing to push through life’s obstacles while looking out for yourself both physically and mentally. The lyrics state, “Part of livin’ life like a man, so / Grindin’, I been vibin’, steady poppin’ my X though / Watchin’, I been clutchin’ my TEC though / Lookin’ through the rearview, tryna make sure I don’t die.”

Be on the lookout for his upcoming album ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ and take a listen to “Rear View” below!

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