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Born Lou Capolino, independent artist El Cee is here to take the music world by storm on a galactic level. The name El Cee is derived from his initials L.C. as well as a deeper meaning to honor his uncle who had a trucking company in New York City called El Cee trucking. El Cee describes his image as light and love, hoping to inspire and educate his fans along the way. One of his biggest inspirations for making music is to spread said love and light, help others, and live his truth.

His overall desire for love and light has made him quite optimistic, a great quality to have when jumping into the music industry. When asked where he feels his career is right now he said, “My music career is just about to pop off,” so be sure to be on the lookout for the rising star.

Aside from good vibes, his musical inspiration also comes from other artists. He listed artists such as Nas, Wu Tang, Tupac, and more. However, he also mentioned artists like Frank Sinatra and Billy Joel, showcasing his versatile range and interest in music. Additionally, when asked about potential collaborations, he stated Mos Def and Alicia Keys.

In regards to his genre and style, El Cee stated, “It is a hybrid of old school flows, with storytelling verses, but [it is] kind of a new genre as it relates to the rules; I break many but I do not care. Of course, talent is truly by interpretation, I have lots to learn and I am a student for life.” Overall, he typically delves into conscious hip-hop and uses a strong voice with conviction.

El Cee grew up across New York City, later moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and has now settled down in California to continue his current successes and pursue his music career. El Cee currently has found success in sales for clean energy, so he plans on continuing that while diving further into music.

Although he feels he is in the “infant stages” of his music career, El Cee discussed his current career-highlight as his New Year’s Eve performance in 2021, stating he owned the stage. Despite this, he does disclose that his path has not always been smooth, but he can use his hardships and obstacles as character development to achieve his success.

When it comes to being an artist, El Cee enjoys the ability to make others feel good. He writes his own lyrics and works with Motoe Haus, a DJ who creates the tracks, mixes, engineers and masters. Outside of the studio, El Cee likes to unwind with cooking, partying, spending time with family and friends, yoga, meditation, exercise, and more. Being able to hone in on and uplift your personal energy is just as important as hustling when working in music.

Along his journey, El Cee hopes to become a more disciplined person in all aspects of his life, forgiving himself for his flaws, but having the desire to improve. Prior to starting this journey in music, he said that he wishes he knew not to share too much and not seek validation from others; Trusting your gut and enjoying your work is better for your mental and will always feel more rewarding in the end. So, he gives the advice not to follow, but to lead and be prepared. A quote he lives by is from Robert Deniro’s character in the Bronx Tale “Nothing worse in life than wasted talent.” Finally, a message El Cee gives to his fans is to be love and light, and live your truth.

Currently, he has a music video filmed and in the editing process for his track “Freedom.” The video will be shown at a private release party at a Los Angeles speakeasy, sometime mid-May. For now, you can check “Freedom” out on Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, and on FM radio Power 106 FM LA two times per day at 10:00 AM and 10:00PM ETOC. Additionally, he stated he has eight other tracks in the works and briefly mentions the potential of a feature in a film in the near future.

Check out El Cee’s socials below!

Instagram:  elcee_official 

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YouTube:  elcee_official

FB: elcee_official

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