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“Holy Ghost” by Future is for the people who like steady beats, clever lyrics, and true rap. I seriously do not know how Future does it; he is so articulate and precise with his rapping and it truly does the art justice. At 2 minutes and 50 seconds, I wish it was much longer. The song starts off with a haunting piano melody, and then one of the best beat drops I’ve ever heard occurs out of nowhere.

Throughout the song, there are background singers that sing a haunting church choir-like melody, which ties the haunting piano intro, the title “Holy Ghost”, and not to mention the lyrics! I also like how the beat drops out occasionally during the song because when it comes back and drops again, listeners get that same feeling they did at the beginning. Future truly knew what he was doing when he was writing this song; there is so much hidden meaning and a lot of thought behind every aspect of this song. Listen to “Holy Ghost,” by Future now!

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