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Jay Julio is ending the year with a new hit ‘Book Bag Kid.’ If y’all haven’t heard the scoop on Jay, here’s what you need to know.

Detroit bred, Jay proves you can make any situation into gold. The house with the white picket fence and a family to greet you when you got home from school didn’t exist in Jay’s world. At age 10, Jay was living on the streets behind a restaurant. It was a rough start, but Jay says, “It was life-changing in ways I can’t explain.” Well, anyone can see that it taught him to survive through anything and gave him content to share his sound.

His new single, ‘Book Bag Kid, ‘ contrasts his rough beginnings with his current success. You got a classic hip-hop rap tune that plays on Jay’s story. Throughout the song, you have the image of a “book bag kid with a Mac on him,” us knowing that Macs are a privilege, a privilege that indicates security or luxury. The lyrics then switch to “I look in the mirror,” “read between the lines,” and “started out last” because our boy Jay lived in insecurity– the exact opposite of having any means of security.

Jay is sincerely truthful in this new single. In an interview, he says that folks may have a similar story to him, but they would all tell it differently even if they have the same story. Each person speaks their truth. That is what Jay is doing. You don’t want to miss his new single.

Catch Jay on these platforms:

Instagram – @JAYJULLIO

TWITTER – @1jayjullio

Facebook – @jayjullio

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YouTube – @jayjullio

TikTok – @1jayjullio

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