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Born and raised in Baldwin Park, California, BrunoLove is a Hip-Hop artist trying to make a name for themselves in a city that’s only associated with the birthplace of In-N-Out. BrunoLove added the word love to his name because the word is in need of more love, especially he’s a name you’ll hear more of soon. Being in the music industry for five years now, he prides himself as an independent artist who does everything himself. Even with a label opportunity, he still plans to keep himself independent. An action that many are afraid to take, but BrunoLove’s passion for his craft had him take that leap. With many obstacles in this journey, he’s always willing to climb over them with his son helping him be his biggest motivation. 

A lot of his inspiration comes from his family playing music like R&B, oldies, Rap, bandas, etc a wide range of genres. A laid back West Coast artist who has aspirations to work with any artist he can find a connection with, but of course you can’t forget the heavy hitters like Kendrick, J Cole, and Drake. BrunoLove currently has six singles out, where you can find five on all streaming platforms and one solely on YouTube. His music should be on your list of artists to check out if you need positive vibes and some wealth spread to you, which we all need. At the moment, he’s sitting on a lot of music, but is finding the perfect moment to release them so keep an eye out for them.


Instagram: @bruno.lovekid

YouTube: @brunolove626

Other: TikTok @brunolovekid

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