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Up-and-coming alternative rock artist Morgan Johnson shares her story and her musical journey. Born and raised in Lansing Michigan, Morgan writes and produces her own music. She started writing music in high school showcasing her raw and emotional side to her. From a young age, she was inspired by underground artists like Ryan Oakes, Justin Stone, Sik World which encouraged her to be creative with her lyrics and tell a story. As she grew into her sound she brought in different beats mirroring Lil Peep’s style with a pop-punk vibe. One of her top artists to collab with one day is Machine Gun Kelly. She takes a lot of inspiration from his music and down-to-earth energy. Morgan’s favorite thing about being an artist is seeing the support from her friends and fans. The supporters are her biggest inspiration and the reason to keep making music. 

Most of Morgans’ music can be found on SoundCloud with a few songs on Apple Music and Spotify. Her newest song “Cry For U”, is about reassuring yourself that it is ok to take things slow and that you don’t have to rush into anything too fast. Her girlfriend, who she says she owes a lot, helped her see things from a different perspective by opening up and learning to trust more. Her first ever ep was called “Deleted Feeling” which was written about her 7th-grade crush and coincidentally why she started writing music in the first place. As she dove deeper into her career she dropped another ep titled “Poetic”.

She expresses that during this time she was not in a good place emotionally so these songs were more deep and personal. Her next ep was “High Thoughts”. It features one of her friends’ vocals, which really made the song come to life. The creative freedom and ability to share her emotions and tell a story is what makes making music and being an artist worth it in the end. She wants her listeners to find a connection in her lyrics, and be able to relate to some of the life struggles we all go through. At the beginning of her career, she worried about not being good enough and had some self-doubt. Once she ignored the outside world and focused on her music she stopped caring what other people thought. This bump in the road has really pushed her to be the successful artist she is and will continue to be going forward.

As Morgan keeps striving in the music industry she hopes to soon reach her many goals as an artist and be able to take care of her mom, her biggest supporter. Her mom’s strong presence and gentle soul are what motivate her most. When Morgan is not in the studio she enjoys playing with her dogs and exploring nature. She also writes poetry and loves photography. She has always had an incredible creative side that shines through in her music. Her laid-back, go-with-the-flow vibe has helped her throughout her career by trying to enjoy every minute and not take anything too seriously. 

Currently, she is debating whether or not to realize another ep right now. She hopes to drop some of the songs she has been working on sometime around this summer. Morgan wants people to know that you can achieve any dream you want and to not care what other people think. “Do it, take the leap”. She is so thankful for each and every supporter who has stayed throughout her entire journey. Make sure to check out her new song “Cry For U” out now on SoundCloud. This is just the beginning for Mogan Johnson so get ready for the future.

Instagram: morgancstark

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