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BWise, also known as M.A.D., is a Philadelphia-born hip-hop artist currently living in Newark, NJ. His stage name was inspired by his cousin, AmazinG, from the Lifers Group, who called him “BWise” to emphasize the importance of wisdom. Additionally, M.A.D. represents his alter ego.

He started his music career in the early 90s. BWise remains committed to the hip-hop genre. He describes his image as true to form, drawing inspiration from his personal experiences and the realities of life. He scribes his sound as pure hip-hop and reality rap.

This year, BWise aims to perform on live stages with sold-out crowds. He aspires to send positive messages to the youth and express the realities and hardships of life. His biggest motivation is the feeling of success, and he cherishes the experience of connecting with people through his music.

Despite facing challenges along the way, BWise is proud of his journey and his current position. Over the next five years, he intends to continue releasing hit songs that resonate with his fans. When he’s not in the studio, he enjoys relaxing, exercising, and staying strong both mentally and physically.

As an independent artist, BWise is signed to his own label, “Stricktly Streets Entertainment.” He has already released albums like “Fatal Thoughts” and “XGANGSTA,” and he is set to drop his upcoming album, “Ghost,” on various streaming platforms.

For BWise, the best part of being an artist is the ability to express himself authentically. He encourages listeners to connect with his music, emphasizing that he lives his life genuinely and wants others to do the same. Currently, he is working on a solo project, with the first single, “That Lion,” set to be released in the coming week.

In parting, BWise leaves his fans and supporters with the message to “Stay Woke,” encouraging them to remain aware and conscious of their surroundings.

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