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OSO B3ST is a California-born artist, born in Redwood and primarily raised in an East Oakland neighborhood nicknamed “Funktown.” OSO B3ST gets his name from combining his original artist name “KDF DA BEST, and his nickname OSO. Although he’s been rapping since high school, OSO B3ST decided to fully pursue rap during the lockdown. He began his music journey making beats, and while doing so he met the IGK artist Chrome where he decided to try rapping. He discovered he enjoyed rapping more than making beats and decided to fully pursue it. OSO B3ST describes himself as high energy, laid back, colorful, and very playful/goofy.

                Having garnered 70k streams in his first year of releasing music, OSO B3ST is very proud to be able to release his music with the B3ST band to the world in the first place. Since his musical journey hasn’t always been smooth, consisting of several bumps and potholes, including finding a reliably good engineer and personal obstacles. If there’s one thing he wished he had learned prior to his start in music, it’s that “not everyone in the industry is proficient or skilled at their craft. Being in music means we are always still learning.” He says that hearing this advice would help him be less hard on himself.

                OSO B3ST works 12-hour nights to support his dream and tends to write his music on his phone during his free time at work. As his life motto states “you gotta go through the BS to get to the tenderness,” and he’s definitely more than willing to do the work. While he does produce and has produced his music for his first EP, he does not normally produce. As of now, he cannot engineer, though he is interested in learning.

OSO B3ST describes his sound as “the sound of the Bay Area,” people have told him it reminds them of Mac Dre and E-40. His music is a mix of the bay area sound and Cali-Rap. As of right now, OSO B3ST has released nine singles and an EP, his favorite release being the single “I Used 2,” which demonstrated his sound and himself clearly. OSO B3ST believes people should listen to his music because it’s relatable and has the ability to brighten people’s moods. There are too many depressing things happening in the world, so music should be an escape or space to relate. His lyrics and style are unique to him, and him only.

Right now OSO B3ST is working on a second EP with IGK artist Chrome, the project will be called “2nd After Thy 1st” and should release later this year around the summer. He is very grateful to anyone who gives his music a chance, a listen, or a share. And will continue to work toward his five-year goal of being able to pursue music full-time.

Check out all of OSO B3ST’s socials and music below. Including “I Used 2 Be” streaming on all platforms and on youtube:

Instagram: @oso_b3st

Youtube: @osob3st

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