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Off of their latest album ‘Sremm 4 Life,’ the track “Not So Bad (Leans Gone Cold)” stands out among the fans. The track itself has typical Rae Sremmurd vibes with special audio, hard-hitting bass, and a laidback flow. However, what stood out more was a familiar sample used.

“Not So Bad (Leans Gone Cold)” samples the iconic Eminem song “Stan,” which is actually a sample in itself from Dido, titled “Thank You.” Dido is also featured on “Stan” connecting the dots regarding where the sample came from. Sampling tracks is certainly not new, but this element of nostalgia has taken over the music industry, having artists reimagine classic songs. The “Black Beatles” rappers utilized the sample in their own style, showcasing true artistry.

The southern-born brothers have released a variety of hits, beginning with their debut track “No Flex Zone” which immediately blew up and set the tone for their style of music. This led to tracks such as “Come Get Her,” “No Type,” “Swang,” and so many more. The two have done work both together as well as separate to show their own personal styles and elvatate how fans view Rae Sremmurd as a duo.

Be sure to check out the track below!

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