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BlueBucksClan is back and has dropped their first EP that features 4 songs. The LA duo came out with a variety of different sounds that didn’t make it to an album but, were too fire not to come out. In that case, an EP is the perfect option. The four songs carry a different vibe in each of them but all are aimed towards the women in their lives.

It can be a Lovey-Dovey relationship or toxic like DJ mentions in the very first bar: <<Valentine’s Day, my b**** mad I ain’t text her>>.  The first track is all about the city boys being up it includes, toxicity and ghosting girls. Both rappers embody their inner player to drop tons of disses. The second song on the EP is, “Victor Cruz”. The first time you listen to it, you might find yourself vibing to it without even knowing the lyrics yet. It’s a such a good song to dance to and it’s only a matter of time until Tik Tok discovers it.

Following that one, ‘See The Difference’ which carries the same name as the EP is all about providing their ladies with a new lifestyle once they get involved. That means all the latest designer items like Prada and Gucci. Finally wrapping it up with: ‘When We’ which, is all about what it’s like being romantically involved with one of the rappers. From how they treat their girls in bed to how they splurge on them with new bags. This short EP is such a vibe and all the songs bring something different that will make you like every single one. If you haven’t given a listen to the LA duo, you definitely need to start with this. 

Listen to their EP and more of their songs by clicking this link!

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