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Tony B is a Texas-based artist born and raised in Dallas, Texas on the Oak Cliff side of town. He recently finished his “Dis Weekend TOUR” where he traveled to Atlanta, Dallas, and Austin in one weekend performing and promoting his newest single “Dis Weekend.”

Tony B describes his image as one that inspires people to desire to do better for themselves, and to get themselves out of the bad environments they may be trapped in. His music inspiration comes from many artists from the R&B and Rap spaces including Childish Gambino, Usher, Odd Future, J Cole, and Drake. He also describes his genre as being Contemporary Rap/R&B with a hint of Lo-Fi influence, and his sound as inspiring and relatable. He says “ I’m a storyteller lyrically so feel free to tune it!”

Tony B has been making music since he was 14 years old, he began to take it more seriously when he was 18 after he went off to college. One of his proudest moments was hitting almost 700k streams over all platforms, as well as being able to take part in paying tribute to George Floyd by performing a song that he made personally for George Floyd after his death. Recently, he was able to perform for Druski at his Coulda Been Records Tour, where he was able to Druski and Nav to sing the melody for his song “Peace and Quiet.”

 Tony B said that one of his biggest obstacles was himself because he was holding himself back from achieving more than he had envisioned. One piece of advice he wished he knew prior to entering the music industry was that marketing is key, Let the music go, don’t hold on to it for too long.

One of the ways he helps give back to his community is through the Sunny South Food Park, he’s good friends with its CEO and helps create a safe space for the community through the arts. Tony B’s motto is “why waste a day when I know that I can change it? “ Tony B is constantly surpassing his own limits, multifaceted, he is also an award-winning art director who hopes to be art directing with people like Pharell for Louis Vuitton in five years.

Tony B Writes and engineers his own music, though sometimes he does play into producing a bit more. Tony B has released five albums and five singles to date. His favorite is his newly released single “Dis Weekend,” which he says is just that catchy. What Tony B enjoys the most about being an artist is changing people and impacting their lives. Realizing how much people appreciate what you do is a great feeling. He says that he isn’t a rapper, he’s an artist, and he hopes his artistry can attract listeners to his platform.

In the future, he will continue to work on demos and video concepts, with an emphasis on finishing his next album. He’ll also be collaborating with several artists including, YB  Flaco, Soe Saige, Bryson Cole, and Dalty.

Check out Tony B’s socials and his new single “Dis Weekend” streaming on all platforms:

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YouTube: @jstonyb

Instagram: @jstonyb

Tiktok: @jstonyb

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