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Throwback Thursday


It’s already been over 8 years since this hit came out but deserves just as much love.

 The track “Loyal” shows just how much Chris is talented, combining his skills. He gives one of his best performances with a mix of singing and rapping and, obviously, he kills each part. With the time that’s passed by, the only thing we’re expecting is Chris to get even better with more experience. Hopefully, he drops an updated version of this song with the same features, that would be incredible to hear! Although it’s CB’s song, Wayne is the first to hop on the mic.

As one of the GOAT’s no doubt, he lays down a sick verse rapping about not trusting the women around him. He even shout-outs Birdman, the man that helped him become the artist we all know now: Lil Wayne. Then, if it couldn’t already get better Tyga hops on the beat. T Raw flexes his cars but, also raps about not trusting women around him. It’s the recurring theme in the song and, it will get you up if you’re feeling down! The beat wraps this song up in a perfect mix and, it will have you bop your head whatever the occasion.

This hit will continue to live even into the next decade. If you haven’t listened to this one in a while, 

Hit play on “Loyal” here!

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