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Sexyy Red welcomes her newborn baby in Drake's latest music video.

Released on Valentine’s Day, Drake’s latest VHS-style music video for “Rich Baby Daddy,” featuring SZA and Sexyy Red, has sparked a new craze among fans. The video showcases Drake’s love for this era of creativity, marking it as one of his best music video projects to date thus far. With a self-directed approach, Drake captures the moment from the very start.

The video kicks off with scenes of Drake starting his day, casually interacting with his neighbor Big Mike while recording. But what sets this video apart is the unexpected twist it takes. As Drake parties with Sexyy Red, SZA, and friends, the atmosphere shifts when Sexyy Red unexpectedly goes into labor. In a surprising turn of events, the video takes on a new life as the group rushes to support her.

The authenticity of the moment adds depth to the video, leaving fans wondering if it’s scripted or real. While the song pauses as Sexyy Red’s water breaks, the rawness of the situation adds a unique layer to the overall narrative.

“Rich Baby Daddy” is the third single from Drake’s eighth studio album, “For All the Dogs.” The track made waves on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, holding steady at number 11 for an impressive 18 weeks. Drake’s ability to “capture the moment” in his music videos is evident in “Rich Baby Daddy,” showcasing his versatility and willingness to push boundaries in his artistry, making it a must-watch for fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Watch the Music Video here

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