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Make way for a new artist and LA’s finest, Chay!

In a recent interview with him, he opens up about his come-up, new projects, and experiences in the music industry. Gathering inspiration from artists such as artists that he listened to growing up such as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in addition to incorporating the personal struggles that he’s gone through to get him where he’s at. 

Born in Inglewood and raised in South Bay, Chay’s genre and style incorporate fast melody-filled rap and vibes of West Coast hip-hop. His artist name originated from a nickname his friends gave him which just stuck. On the other hand, Day Won, the name of his group, gained its name from a spiritual moniker which means the day is won through the most high. Currently, Day Won is dropping a single every week for 14 weeks and they are currently on week 3. The tracks as of right now are ‘Desperado’, ‘No BS’, and ‘Dreams’. 

Coined as a chill and laid-back guy, weed has been a big inspiration for Chay’s musical side, and staying true and honest to himself is a big part of his image. 

“I think it’s important to keep your authenticity and not lose sight of who you are. The music industry is notoriously known to change people. Not me.” Chay states. 

Being drawn to the creative aspect and different genres within hip-hop, he’s not afraid to expand his style and try new things. As if right now, Chay opened up about being at a point in his career where he’s continuing to push his music at a high level in addition to dropping music at a pretty consistent amount. After 10 years on his music journey, he’s learned so many essential lessons about promotion and artistry!

“That has been very key in my success and growth.” He begins about promotion. “As I continue to grow I really want to be doing more shows and get more exposure. Also, produc[ing] more visuals for my fans to enjoy and allow them to connect with me further. I also look to work with some legendary artists that have paved the way for my artistry and truly have inspired me.” Chay mentions.  

Throughout this year, he plans to focus on the release of specific projects in addition to putting visuals to these projects, he has a whole catalog ready on deck and Chay seems to not be stopping anytime soon! Hoping to continue working on his record label, ‘For The Book Productions’, he’s already working with three artists and would like to work with a dynamic group consisting of artists, singers, and musicians as well as help younger artists by utilizing the resources that he’s accumulated over the years and even perhaps collaborating with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Krayzie Bone. Chay doesn’t stop at music though, the Gardena-based artist also has a merchandise clothing line that has grown throughout the years named Legacy Apparel. 

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By giving back to the community, planning their own events, and allowing other independent artists to showcase their work so they can build their audience, engage with their community and get the chance to perform with confidence. Not only do they connect music by also clothing, food, and other sales vendors that are looking to promote and sell their brand at events. “These events take planning and a lot to make them happen but it’s worth every bit when I see the appreciation from all those involved.” He explains. 

Having so many essential moments throughout his musical career, Chay was driven by freestyling and writing different songs in addition to being able to change and become creative with his voice. Some of these essential moments have led him to accomplish performing at some amazing shows and opening up for artists such as his childhood inspiration, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, which sold out and they even had to make adjustments to get their families in. 

By creating music, Chay is able to express his life in a completely different way, and being able to leave people with music to listen to in addition to a legacy alongside it is something he considers a blessing. 

“Once the groundwork is put in and you see and hear your growth, your confidence is definitely at an all-time high and I could say as an artist that’s when you figure out who you are. Therefore whenever you go through those moments those are the ones that you remember on why you got involved in music in the first place.” He mentions and even urges others. 

Chay states that his musical journey has been pretty smooth and that his experiences and accomplishments have been great although having to financially support his career has been a bit of a challenge due to being an independent artist. Wishing that he would have had a team earlier since it can be a bit overwhelming to book and schedule shows on your own is an experience that Chay has taken away an understanding of how it can be done. 

Living by the motto: “What is for me won’t pass me”, Chay’s biggest motivation includes his family and friends who keep him focused and energetic so he can keep pursuing his passion and dream of making music. During hard times his family and friends have helped him destress and not dwell on things out of his control. Another motivation for him includes proving those who want to see him fail wrong. 

Currently, Chay has 4 singles out and 6 projects that have already been released. One of his favorite projects includes his 2020 album, Roll Some, due to realizing that he can really make music and work on his artistry at a high level. It was even enjoyed so much by listeners and fans that he created a Roll Some 2. By collaborating with different producers, he tries to keep their sounds similar. Chay has mentioned that working with different producers has developed his music quicker. 

“But all of my projects hold a strong significance in my heart because they all are very descriptive with the timeframe they were made, and they always remind me of all the struggles and obstacles that I’ve gone through just to get to where I am today,” Chay says.

He urges people to listen to his music due to the energy he puts into his music, spiritual inspiration, provision through struggles in life, and its easiness to listen to. Each song of his can resonate differently with different people. 

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Presently, Chay’s latest album, ‘Fluently’ includes a 16-track collaboration with a member of ‘For The Book Productions’, Gordo Cachedro. Created over 4 to 5 months, the album has a smooth, ambient vibe that intertwines real-world problems and personal experiences to bring the project home. Multiple producers were included on different tracks although their close friend, JAWS (Just Art With Soul) produced 5 tracks. They’ve worked together for around 8 years and JAWS has pointed out great sounds for Chay, himself, and his group Day Won. Another one of his most popular songs is ‘Take Me Higher’ which dropped earlier this year in April. 

Currently, Chay is also working on an acoustic album that he’s excited to release since it’s music to drive around to or even smoke and reflect on life. One project of his in the works right now is ‘Hidden In Plain Sight, which is supposed to bring light to the deception within the music industry, media, politics, religion, and the world. Another project of his that is a bit of a side project with one of the producers, Zino is named ‘Wish You Were Here’ which incorporates his vibe and musical energy. 

When not working on music, Chay spends quality time with his family and friends. Throughout the week, he has a 9 to 5 job within the cannabis industry, and even though he states that it can be demanding and take a lot of time, he’s made amazing connections and the pay has helped him grow his music. 

Chay leaves advice and a message to upcoming artists, his fans, and readers. 

“My advice is to stay consistent and stay inspired in every way possible and don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and in your dreams. Also, don’t be afraid to help others because the ones that truly appreciate it will end up helping you…I appreciate all who listen to me and to Day Won. It truly has been a long road already but there’s still so much more to go so I genuinely appreciate all who are rocking with us and who stream and promote our music. It goes a long way to have people who are really excited about every drop.” He said. 

“All love and blessings. More music on the way. It’s Day Won till the day is done and even after. ✌️” Chay concludes. 

Make sure to listen to ‘Fluently’ and follow Chay on social media below!

IG: Creepinonthacomeup310

YouTube:  Official Chay Day Won

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