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Coining the name Romecat from his nickname Rome and his love for pretty women, the Houston born and raised artist has become known for his individualistic style and smooth charm that everyone can latch onto. 

Creating music based on elements of Hip-Hop and R&B, Romecat’s style combines his smooth aggressive rap voice along with a little bit of singing. Inspired by artists such as Drake, Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, and countless others since beginning to make music in middle school, he decided to take music seriously after graduating from college in 2020. Now at the unknown developmental stage of his career, Romecat aims to be known across the globe while elevating himself financially and being able to invest more into his artistry! 

Right now, Romecat has been working on completing his upcoming album, “SMOOTH” and new single, ‘Bachelor’, and urges viewers to tune into his Instagram stories where he teases song snippes and photoshoots for his music cover art. Writing all of his music and collaborating with his engineer, King Myle$, Romecat has two singles on streaming services and calls ‘Bachelor’ his favorite since it perfectly represents his style. Signed with Shonen Records, he hopes to gain more supporters of his music, get rid of distractions that keep him from writing music, release another single, and become steps closer to completing his “SMOOTH” music album by recording more songs. 

Enjoying hearing the beat and incorporating his flow and words depending on the melody, the Houston artist wants people to feel relaxed and have their mind be taken away from the stress of the world when they hear his smooth sound. On the other hand, his music can also make you turn up and get hype!

Although the journey has been fun, it hasn’t always been easy with experiences like growing apart from friends, people not showing up to support your events, having to lie about your dreams, and wanting to quit, Romecat has overcome everything that has come his way. With key accomplishments of going to a professional studio with a former team and networking with other music creatives, being with a dog inside the studio while he listens to his music and having fun freestyle sessions in the car with friends, Romecat has become a better version of himself musically. 

Seeing himself soon meeting big names in the music industry, hearing more up-and-coming artists like himself say how his smooth sound made an impact on them to create music, and drinking a Strawberry-Kiwi from Smoothie King before his performances, Romecat has high expectations for his future in music that of course, he’ll reach. 

Thanking God for waking up in the morning and living by his cousin’s quote of “you’re on a mission with tunnel vision for achieving your goal but self sabotaging yourself by not taking a little break time to enjoy life,” on his free time, Romecat adores playing a game of pool, exercising, watching YouTube videos, walking in the park to enjoy nature, and going to Smoothie King. 

Prior to being in the music industry Romecat wished he knew the advice to embrace who you naturally are and sound, don’t try to fit in with trends but rather set it to stand the test of time. He advises anyone looking to follow in his footsteps to not live in fear of being judged by others, do whatever makes you happy and stick to things beneficial for your life. 

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He leaves his fans with the feeling of love and that he loves all who support him and wanting everyone to know that he wants peace, love, and prosperity in my future.  

Make sure to follow his journey on Instagram and listen to his music from the links below and on Spotify!

Instagram: @romecat 

YouTube: Romecat -Topic

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