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Jorge Ramos is an upcoming artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California, using the stage name Jay Mos, deriving from his birth name. He has been working on music for 10 years on and off again and is glad to be releasing his first album Gallo on May 21st, 2024. At the core of Jay Mos’s music lies a deep-seated passion for storyline. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, he waves a narrative that reflects the complexities of life on the West Coast. From the bustling streets of LA to the rhythmic beats of cumbia at Mexican parties, Jay Mos’s music is more than just a reflection of his environment- it’s a celebration of his Identity. Proudly embracing his Mexican-American roots, Jay Mos infuses his music with Spanish lyrics and cultural references adding layers of depth and authenticity to his sound. 

When asked to describe his image, the West Coast artist responded “I was told that I am like 50 Cent but artsier. I guess that works ok for me but, I was born and raised on the West Coast. My image is good tacos, the smell of chorizo down the block, Vicente Fernandez music playing in the barrio on the weekends, late nights of cumbias at Mexican parties, and a good cup of coffee with pan dulce. I consider myself the best Mexican-American rapper in America and one of those reasons is because I love my culture.”

But Jay Mos’s impact extends far beyond just his music. As a proud advocate for his community, he uses his platform to uplift and empower those around him. From volunteering at local Food Banks in Downtown LA, to helping create and box lunches for Skid Row and participating in other community events throughout his life. 

In his latest single ‘Cupid Anywhere’ from his upcoming album Gallo, Jay Mos reflects on the one who ran off with his heart. In the track, the rapper lets the lyrics speak for itself – reminiscing on the times the two shared, Jay Mos wears his heart on his sleeve and sheds light on the one he considered perfect. 

Jay Mos has been consistent with his craft and is working on finishing his album. He is also gearing up to drop a brand-new single “Playboy Slim” which is set to drop in March. He has a lot in store for his listeners so make sure to stay tuned!


Instagram: jay_mos

YouTube: jay mos

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Written By: Ashley Sanchez

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