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The Moroccan rapper French Montana never disappoints with his constant new hits and variety of music. He is known for his collaborations with other artists and illuminating hits such as “Unforgettable,” “All The Way Up,” and “Famous.” As of February 23, 2024, he released his new mixtape “Mac & Cheese 5,” which is the fifth of a sequence starting in 2009 with “Mac Wit Da Cheese.” This is a 21-track project featuring numerous other stars such as Lil Wayne, Kanye, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, and Rick Ross. 

French Montana was presumably inspired by collaborating with Kanye West on Kanye’s album “Donda2” and immediately dropped the current project he was working on to create the album “Mac & Cheese 5.” His most popular song on the mixtape is “Okay,” totaling in 11.4k page views. It features ATL Jacob & Lil Baby and has a carefree “savage” energy with a fast-paced, prominent beat and is the type of song all rap fans will love having stuck in their head. Some of the other well-liked and admired songs are “Splash Brothers,” “Money Ain’t a Thing,” and “Dirty Bronx Intro.”

This mixtape has a wide array of songs ranging from hard, intense beats to sweet tunes and soft melodies. The variety of songs not only represents French’s bold personality, but features exorbitant energy, catchy and fun rhythms, and songs highlighting French and the featured artists’ smooth and distinctive singing voices. While there is a song for every mood or vibe someone wants to listen to, several of these songs are the “make you want to dance” type of songs that are played in clubs and parties to heighten energy and uplift the mood. 

As much as French Montana enjoys making and releasing music, he released this mixtape with the goal of bringing back “mixtape vibes” as he feels like his recent releases have been lacking that. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, French Montana expressed that he wanted to “lead the wave” to a resurgence of mixtapes. He is using the reappearance of this series of mixtapes as an opportunity to encourage and inspire other artists to put themselves out there, take risks, and confront a new journey of getting out of their comfort zones and taking on mixtape series rather than ordinary albums.

You can check out his latest project below!

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