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On June 17th, Drake dropped an album titled “Honestly Nevermind” with 14 tracks. The album was a surprise to Drake fans given that it’s under the dance category. The songs are a little different than what we are used to hearing from Drake. We still get that Drake rap feels that we all know and love, just with a new spin.

The track “Sticky” is number 7 on the album just hitting 4 minutes. The catchy lyrics and upbeat sound make this track the perfect way to end the summer. “When everything is put to rest, and everybody takes a breath, and everything gets addressed, It’s you alone with your regrets”. The song includes Drake talking about the sticky situations he’s found himself in. “You know how sticky it gets, ayy”

Just over a month after the release of “Honestly Nevermind” Drake released the music video to the top-rated song “Sticky”. The video, which was directed by Theo Skudra featuring Drake partying in different locations in the woods, nice cars, boats, and clubs.

There are mixed messages with Drake’s new album and the direction he’s going in. This next era is going to be huge for Drake and it’s important to showcase new sides we aren’t familiar with. At a recent release party, Drake mentions “It’s all good if you don’t get it yet. It’s all good,” he said. “That’s what we do. That’s what we do. We wait for you to catch up. We’re in here though. We’re caught up already. On to the next, my goodness.”

Keep an eye out for what’s coming next for Drake! Don’t forget to check out his newest album “Honestly Nevermind” with fire track “Sticky” out now on all streaming platforms.

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