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Meet the honest and level-headed TheoryMC, an independent artist from Dayton, Ohio. Born Brandon Scott Williams, the name TheoryMC is an abbreviated version of another pseudonym he goes by, Theorian. Theorian in Greek means “one who contemplates God,” showcasing his spirituality.

His style is introspective and moody, but he is open to experimenting and not confining himself to one sound. “Sometimes it’s gritty and forceful, while other times it’s subtle or sober,” says the rising star. His focal point however, is solid lyricism. He describes his style of writing as niche, writing stories, and messages of encouragement. While he has been recently working on producing and engineering, Theory says “I’m a writer, straight up,” writing being his favorite part about being an artist due to the freedom of expression and creativity.

Currently in his career, he is working on defining his sound and establishing a clear and consistent message. Rather than taking on too large of a project, his approach is described by him as being “bite-sized ideas from larger portions.” As his career develops Williams hopes to “…grow a large audience of like-minded thinkers and doers,” building a solid community.

When it comes to his community and giving back to those in need, Theory tries igniting hope for a brighter future. Whether its performing at homeless shelters or speaking to the youth, Theory hopes to show himself as an example of a better journey against all odds.

Theory has had fun with music thus far, but it has not been an easy road. He grew up in the projects of Desoto Bass Courts in Dayton, Ohio, and later in foster care. He became acquainted with people affiliated with the streets; However, he would not let this influence him negatively nor lead him down a dark path. He gained positive influence through his adoptive family and spirituality.

Although not necessarily an obstacle, the rising artist also took on a family 9 years ago, including a wife and two stepchildren. He said, “…the average person dealing with all of that stuff would basically say, “F*** it, I’m out,” and head back to their “comfort zone,” but I found meaning in the relationships I’ve built with my new family…It made me a better person for it.”

Although him and his biological mother had been separated for much time, he still considers her to be his biggest motivation. He said in a heartfelt way, “Considering everything my biological mother has been through in her life to reach a certain point of personal success, I would say there is no one like her. It may sound cliche, but she embodies a lot of the same grit, spirit, and fortitude that I put into my music…She has overcome personal traumas and addictions, maintained a career in nursing without blemish, and is proactive in the spiritual development of herself and others.”

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TheoryMC has been in the music game for over 10 years, starting in his early 20s. Although there have been setbacks, and stops, he knew music was his purpose from the moment he picked up a microphone. Classic Rock and R&B from the early 80s is what initially sparked his interest in music, but his love for Hip-Hop specifically came from the “Now That’s What I Call Music” CDs and earlier artists such as LL COOL J, Fu-Schnickens, and Das EFX. Moving forward, it evolved into different styles and sounds, including artists such as Canibus, Mobb Deep, Common, Eminem, Royce Da 5’9 and Tupac Shakur.

When asked about who he would want to collaborate with, Theory said Andre 3000 due to his “…awareness of self and spirit.” A quote by Andre 3000 says “At a certain point, you have to feed yourself, and you can’t feed off mimicking. You have to put the time in to figure out who you are.” Theory feels as though this sums up his own personal way of thinking, making a potential collaboration even more meaningful.

As for his current career highlights, TheoryMC is no stranger to success. Theory’s track “Work Harder” had been played commercially in NBA stadiums, sports highlight reels, and was even featured in the video game NBA2K. He has also opened for acts like Red & Meth, Mobb Deep, Black Eyed Peas, and Chinaman of 2LiveCrew who actually booked him for his very first show in Los Angeles. Additionally, he has met SlimKid3 from Pharcyde and spoke with KRS-One.

Overall, in 2023 Williams hopes to finish projects and collaborations that he has committed to, and will focus on a sound that reflects his heart and mind. He is currently working on an EP and really getting into the artistry of music.

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In the next five years, TheoryMC has big goals saying “I want to have gone on at least two nationwide tours, released two and a half groundbreaking albums, and turned my city into not only a hub for great music, entertainment, and talent, but also to challenge the status quo.” Going beyond trends and clichés is important to Theory, wanting everyone to have individuality. Additionally, he discussed wanting to help other artists with a similar vision.

As for goals outside of music, Theory said “I plan to build an eSports and Entertainment Company that revolves around music, gaming, and entertainment, as well as e-commerce.” Theory has a major passion for gaming, esports, and live streaming, intertwining with his music goals.

Prior to being in the industry, Theory describes wishing he did not place his dreams in the hands of other people. To put it simply he said, “This life is yours. Figure it out, learn what you need to know, and move forward.”

When asked why people should listen to his music he said, “The tough part about explaining why people should listen to my music is the same reason why some may not give it a chance. Hip-hop has evolved so much that it’s often judged by certain criteria, like hard beats and catchy flows, causing people to shy away from music that doesn’t meet those standards. My music may be an acquired taste…It’s full of purpose and provides thoughts about life that one can take away from it.”

Earlier this month on April 11th, Theory released Believe It (Remix) which was produced by Dion Anthony (Las Vegas), and mixed and engineered by Derek Ray Lewis (Las Vegas). The track is an upbeat vibe all about him chasing his dreams no matter what people say.

As a closing statement for the fans: “For anyone who happens to be a fan of my music, my sound or way of thinking, thank you. You didn’t have to, but just know it’s only up from here. I appreciate you!”





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