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Known for her unique blend of Hip-Hop and R&B, Tink is a talented singer and rapper from Chicago. Her new song “Toxic” highlights her vocal and lyrical skills, as she delivers a strong message about the dangers of toxic relationships. “Toxic” explores the theme of toxic love, as Tink sings about a draining and unhealthy relationship. Tink details the negative impacts of being in a toxic relationship and encourages her listeners to break free and find real happiness. Josh Jones directed the music video which was inspired by the musical Chicago. In the beginning, Tink references the scene, “Cell Block Tango” as she delivers her lyrics about a toxic relationship: “I fked you even though I knew you were toxic, I’m too messy, gravitate to the gossip/ I fked” you even though I knew you were toxic, I’m too messy, gravitate to the gossip/ Tryna play on my energy, all these hs envy me/ Can’t show you what you meant to me, fk s**t don’t get to me/

Last year, Tink released her album Pillow Talk. The 16-track project includes guest appearances from Russ, 2 Chainz, Fabolous, G Herbo, Layton Greene, Mui Long, and Toosii. Tink has also collaborated on the tracks “Whatever” by Babyface, “Somebody” by Vedo, and more. “Toxic” is an emotional and powerful song. Tink showcased her creativity and versatility on the track. The blend of smooth R&B instrumentals and electronic beats complement Tink’s voice. Whether you are an R&B fan or not, you should definitely check out “Toxic” down below.


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