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Joh Miller is an independent artist who was born in Raleigh, NC. However, this is not the only place she calls home. Growing up, her mom would take her to Louisiana and that was where she learned a lot about her culture. It is also the place where she picked up her Cajun attitude. Joh’s musical inspirations come from her life experiences. From the good, bad, and ugly. “I make music about situations I’ve experienced in life! I’ve been cheated on; told I wasn’t good enough and just been through some serious things. Music is a way for me to release that.”

Aside from having a passion for music, Joh also has a passion for helping others. She is currently a nurse, entrepreneur and performs once a month. “My goal is to be able to live strictly off the income I’ve generated off music and business ventures. Use income to stabilize my family more, give them a life they haven’t experienced, and start some non-profits with my husband to help less fortunate families. In return, I will be able to garden more, and create more music, poetry that people deem therapeutic.”

Giving back to the community is something Joh Miller takes pride in. From being a teen ambassador for the 4H Youth Development Department of Wake County to dedicating 6 hours on her birthday to help a nonprofit organization. She continues to give back by helping women, poor college students, and those in need. Her generous acts helped her receive an Obama Presidential Award for dedicating over 2000 hours of community service.

In her latest EP ‘Category 5’, Joh takes us on a journey that showcases her ‘crazy, sexy, cool’ side. With tracks like “So Sexy,” “I’m Sweet” and “Thinkin Bout Me,” this EP is definitely going to take you on a ride; So buckle up! The R&B artist goes on to say “Every song I write is based on an experience of some sort. Who can’t relate to make-up sex (Toxic), An ex who did you dirty but mad you are doing better without them (Thinkin Bout Me), Who doesn’t love a Friday (TGIF), after a breakup and you get to that point of feeling really good again you don’t want to let just any old body in to ruin it (Come Thru) All the other songs are self-explanatory.”

When asked what she enjoys most about being an artist, Joh responded “It allows me to express myself in a therapeutic way. I love singing and I love writing. I combine both. Another part of it is getting feedback from fans who love it. Music is more than just words in and beat. Music has the power to change your mood for better or for worst. Music has the power to motivate you or make you less motivated.” 

In the next five years, the musical sensation hopes to establish a name and brand for herself. She would also like to build/own rental properties. What sets Joh’s music apart from the rest, is simply because it is different. She takes pride in having different sounds and is not afraid to tap into different genres. Joh Miller has a lot in store for her listeners. She has a couple of songs coming out in the fall. She also has another EP coming out very soon called ‘Acoustic Diaries’ which will be matched with a poetic diary people can read. In the meantime, you can check out her latest project below!


Instagram: _Theejohmiller

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YouTube:  Theejohmiller

Tiktok: Theejohmiller

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