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Independent artist DaedaeB1k is both self-taught and here to shake up the hip-hop industry. For a unique name like DaedaeB1k, you might assume there is some crazy backstory, but to be truthful, he simply likes the way it sounds. “I honestly always just had it in my mind for years now it just sounds dope to me and different but yet simple and effective.”

Dae has been making music since the age of 14 but has recently released his two debut singles. He feels as though he is truly just beginning, working on building a solid fanbase to eventually lead to major success. Additionally, one quality about him is that he is ambitious, wanting to explore all areas of music, win Grammys, and make his mark in music.

Dae was born and raised in Oklahoma, City, Oklahoma, but plans to move eventually to explore and grow in his music career. Once fully understanding his passion and learning to play multiple instruments, he realized just how much he wanted to pursue music as a career.

When describing his personal style, he lists many characteristics, encompassing him as a person with variety; This also transcends into his music. Musically, his inspiration stems from growing up listening to music both with his mom and dad, or simply listening and connecting to it in school.  In regards to genre, he is “…luxury, chill, laidback, smooth, mellow but at the same hard and rough.” With that being said, Pharrell and Tyler the Creator, two artists that showcase a lot of variety, are artists he would like to collaborate with; They also happen to be two of his biggest motivations.

As for the remainder of 2023, Dae hopes to release at least four more tracks, potentially as an ep and have acquired a stable fanbase. Aside from his own music, he describes wanting to be a poet, author, orchestrator, and songwriter for other artists. Even further along, the new artist says in five years, “I see myself living lavish in a mansion living with Grammys in my house and having financial freedom and still pushing music forward.”

However, such big goals come with a lot of hard work and hardships. Dealing with fake people and promoters on social media is something Dae wishes he had known about prior to delving into music, especially being an independent artist. There are also other challenges to face in the actual music-making process. Dae does everything himself, self -taught in it all. While this is something he considers to be a highlight of his career and himself, it is a major obstacle to overcome, making his road to success bittersweet.

To get through it all, he lives by the motto “always keep your dreams solid and never switch them no matter what life throws in your way because there is always another road waiting for you to enter.” He also takes time outside of the studio to unwind despite music being one of his escapes. The Oklahoma-native enjoys basketball and drawing, making it clear that he has a natural gravitation toward creativity.

The creative element of being an artist is something that most will agree on being the best part about music, but there is much more for Dae. His personal favorite aspect about being an artist is emotionally touching people and introducing feelings they have never felt before. The up-and-coming star feels as though people should listen to his music for this reason, as well as because he is bringing new elements to the table and pushing the boundaries within hip-hop.

For those trying to follow in his footsteps he says, “…always trust your heart and block out all the negative noise and just stay on your narrow path without stopping so you can receive what you truly desire.” As a final message for the fans he says, “Always be themselves because it pays off in the end and always will because there’s only one you.”

Take a listen to his two tracks below and watch DaedaeB1k grow as an artist!

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Instagram: @DaedaeB1k 

YouTube: Donceae Dozier  

Facebook: Donceae Dozier

TikTok: DaedaeB1k


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