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On January 27th, CMG-rapper Est Gee blessed fans with the double release and upload of music video singles “Blow Up” and “If I Stop Now.” EST Gee, had taken on momentum in 2022 with the release of ‘I Never Felt Nun,’ a 21-track album packed full of features from the likes of Future, Machine Gun Kelly, and Bryson Tiller. In the new year, EST Gee has kept that momentum running with these FOREVERROLLING-produced singles that share an interesting dichotomy.

                On “Blow Up” EST Gee flexes his gangsta rap muscles showing again why he’s one of the greats. While in “If I Stop Now” EST Gee takes a moment to slow down a smidge and reflect on his journey, its impact on him, and those that have come and gone in it. He gets real with lyrics like:

“Yeah, nah, hope you don’t suffer from my sins when you get older
Know most the shit I did, I stood on ten toes, never folded
It’s a fake smile on me, Joker, took a whole G6, I’m rolling
Kill final close king cobra, I been doin’ this shit for the longest
I thought it was makin’ me stronger, I got ’em, just make me an offer
Every cross get thrown, I caught it, it really wasn’t worth what it cost me”

The juxtaposition of the two songs highlights how versatile EST Gee is and how he can kill the game from any angle.

Check out EST Gee’s “Blow Up” and “If I stop Now” which are out and streaming on EST Gee’s Youtube Channel.

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