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There are two types of people at Super Bowl parties, those who are hyped to watch the game and those who are hyped to watch all the new commercials companies spend millions and millions of dollars on. This year, we saw a return to some really creative and funny commercials after (in my own opinion) a few years of lackluster showings from the big brands. 

We had some brands return to classic form, with Budweiser, Planters, McDonalds, and Doritos all dropping incredible commercials. Along with companies like Crypto.Com, Coinbase, and Meta Quest dropping more ads based around the metaverse that is taking the world by storm right now.

With so many to choose from, here are my top 5 favorite commercials from the 2022 Super Bowl:

McDonald’s’, “Can I get uhhhhhhhh” – We’ve all been there and had that moment of getting to the drive thru and just not knowing what to get and McDonald’s captures that perfectly. Even throwing in a Kanye West cameo to boot! 

Doritos’, “Flamin Hot” – Doritos is known for their funny and outlandish Super Bowl ads and this is no different. Who knew mixing dancing animals, a Meg Thee Stallion songbird, and Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” would be such a winning combination? 

Coinbase’s, “Bouncing QR Code” – It’s one thing to get a commercial to get you to laugh, but to get you to engage, spark your curiosity, and also include the age-old pastime of wondering if the bouncing logo would hit the corner exactly is really impressive. 

Pringles’ “Stuck on You” – Whether or not you like to admit it, there is always that fear of whether or not your hand will get stuck in a Pringles can if you reach down for those final few chips. So naturally, Pringles gave us the hypothetical scenario for if that actually happened and how someone’s life would play out with a Pringles can stick to their hand forever

Chevrolet’s “The First-Ever All-Electric Chevy Silverado” – The second you hear that ‘Sopranos’ opening theme music you are instantly transported back into that world and including Meadow and A.J. Soprano was just the cherry on top.

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