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On November 5th, 2021 young Tennessee rapper NLE Choppa released a new track titled ‘Jumpin’ featuring Chicago raptor Polo G. In just a few weeks this hot new track has racked up over 10 million listens on Spotify alone! Along with this, NLE Choppa and Polo G also released a music video to the song which has racked up almost 8 million views. The song is mainly about counting and flaunting money as well as gun violence and killing. The chorus contains a repetitive style:

Rubber band hundreds, this shit keep on comin’
I’m th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th-thumbin’ (Th-th-th-thumbin’)
Move like a mummy, the drugs got him slumped
He a ju-ju-ju-ju-ju-ju-ju-ju-ju-junkie (Ju-ju-ju-junkie)
Add to the convo if it’s about money
I’m th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th-thumbin’ (Th-th-th-thumbin’)
Used to be bummy, turned nothin’ to somethin’
Now I got my bank account ju-ju-ju-jumpin’ (Ju-ju-ju-jumpin’)
Rubber band hundreds, this shit keep on comin’

NLE Choppa then continues flaunting his wealth in his first verse, then transitions into rapping about gun violence and “killing sprees”. Polo G comes in the next verse with a similar style rapping about ‘bands’ and quickly transitions into rapping about guns and killing. With a cool laid back chorus and upbeat hard verses, this song is sure to make waves in the industry. The versatile tone of this track makes it perfect to throw on a variety of different playlists. The music video fits right with the lyrics as it features NLE Choppa and Polo G pulling off a heist and getting into a violent shootout with the police.

Check out the visuals below!

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