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Bino Rideaux & Blxst Deliver a Smooth Ride with ‘Sixtape 3’ – A Musical Blueprint for Success 

When it comes to setting the streets ablaze with fire tracks and smooth beats, Bino Rideaux & Blxst are masters of the craft. Their latest musical endeavor, “Sixtape 3,” is no exception. With six tracks of pure West Coast excellence, this EP is a joyride you don’t want to miss. Clocking in at a little over 15 minutes, it’s the perfect companion for those late-night drives with the volume cranked up.

“Blueprint” – The Start of Something Excellent

The journey through “Sixtape 3” kicks off with “Blueprint,” a track that sets the energy off sky high from the jump. The lyrics,

''Clearly we all knowin' who the truth is
Made it real track and field, runnin' up the blue strips'' - Blxst

are a bold proclamation. They declare that with this third project, Bino Rideaux & Blxst are here to make a statement – their truth is undeniable, and they’re sprinting to success, leaving blue strips in their wake.

The song “Blueprint” encapsulates the essence of the EP – it’s energetic, confident, and unapologetic. As the first track, it not only introduces the project’s energy but also keeps the hype alive throughout the journey. You won’t find a reason to skip any song because each one is a gem.

A Smooth Cruise Through Sixtape 3

As you dive into the remaining tracks – “Doing Yo Stuff,” “Get Away,” “Baccseat,” “Bussdown,” and “Road Runnin” – you’ll find that the smoothness and charisma of Bino Rideaux & Blxst shine through in every beat and lyric. It’s a musical blueprint for success in the rap game, a testament to their talent and dedication.

California’s Finest: Bino Rideaux & Blxst Grace The Scene For Sixtape3

In “Sixtape 3,” Bino Rideaux & Blxst have crafted a sonic journey that’s perfect for those street rides with your volume blasting. “Blueprint” is just the beginning, a statement of intent that resonates throughout the EP. So, don’t hesitate; turn up the volume, hit the road, and let the smooth sounds of “Sixtape 3” be your soundtrack. It’s not just music; it’s an experience.

This EP leaves no room for doubt – Bino Rideaux & Blxst are here to make their mark, and they’re doing it with style and finesse. With lyrics that speak volumes and beats that set the mood, “Sixtape 3” is a blueprint for their continued success. So, roll down the windows, let the bass thump, and enjoy the ride with two of West Coast hip-hop’s finest.

Blueprint · Blxst · Bino Rideaux Sixtape 3

Stay tuned for more updates from Bino Rideaux & Blxst as they continue to captivate us with their musical genius.

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