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The biggest football game of the year, The Super Bowl, is of course a highly anticipated game. This year, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs played an intense game, hyping fans up. There are however, additional elements that fans look forward to such as the halftime show, the national anthem singer, and of course, the commercials. Super Bowl commercials are known for being star-studded, over-the-top, comical, and so much more; They have truly become an integral aspect to the overall game. Here are five of the many fan-favorite commercials from Super Bowl 2023!

1.) Will Ferrell for GM X Netflix: This ad was definitely the most talked about following the Super Bowl due to its comedic nature and interesting combination. Since GM is creating electric vehicles, Ferrell in the ad states that Netflix is joining in by showing said vehicles in their shows and movies. Ferrell is shown in the different Netflix shows with GM vehicles utilizing one-liners and references to pull everything together. This was a fun way to showcase this collaboration.

2.) Ben Stiller for Pepsi: This ad in particular was genuinely very funny to watch seeing Ben Stiller be put in various acting situations and scenes. The tagline of “Wow it’s like really good, or was I just acting? Only way to find out is to try for yourself” is a great way to give audiences the desire to try the Pepsi that Stiller is drinking. There was also a touch of nostalgia sprinkled in with references to his character in ‘Zoolander,’ truly being the cherry on top to a well-done ad.

3.) Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez for Dunkin’ Donuts: Many fans of pop culture have been rooting for Affleck and Lopez as a couple since their relationship first began years ago. So, putting the pair in a comedic ad is the perfect way to capture an audience. Affleck is seen working the Dunkin’ drive thru, taking pictures with fans, and later seeing Lopez who pulls into the drive thru herself. Dunkin’ did a solid job at creating a playful ad, becoming a favorite among its fellow Super Bowl ads.

4.) Alicia Silverstone for Rakuten: Nostalgia is a powerful tool when it comes to ads, shining here with its reference to the classic 90’s film ‘Clueless.’ Rakuten being an e-commerce website, utilizing the character Cher who was known for her style and love of fashion, is a smart way to add personality to their ad while also filling in audiences on the details.

5.) Tubi’s Interface Interruption Prank: While this might not be a typical Super Bowl ad, audiences were very confused when they thought someone in their homes changed the channel. This ad had friends and families yelling at each other and searching frantically for the remote. Therefore, this creative and fun prank deserves its top 5 spot.

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