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Joe Eid is an artist from Dayton, Ohio who is working hard enough to get his name heard all around. He’s capable of rhyming on anything that you throw his way. His style is versatile and accessible, he is able to be on any type of beat like a chameleon.  However, the genre/sound that he will be attacking more in the future is storytelling while singing/rapping on boom-bap beats. Joe Eid writes his own music and is capable of engineering it too, but due to constraints, he has others do it for him.

He has released over 50 songs collectively between singles, EPs, and albums. Being in the industry he had to overcome a lot such as time management, work/life balance, and keeping relationships/connections. Having a work/life balance and being able to improve his mental and physical health is a priority for him in 2023. Being able to keep relationships with family and contact with connections as he ascends with his music.

What he enjoys the most about being an artist is Finishing a song. There is beauty in creating something from scratch, and having the ability to make it into something incredible. In the next five years, he sees himself being successful whether it’s a breakthrough song from himself or somebody else in his group, promotions at work, touring, or making money in many different ways. Joe is currently independent but has an LLC to create his own label that is being worked on at the moment.

Right now, Joe Eid’s main focus is working on his album Internal Barricade which is coming out on all platforms soon. He wants people to listen to his music because he guarantees that the listeners will find relatable songs to situations that have occurred in their life. The message he gives to his fans is “enjoy the little things that life offers as well. We don’t need to always be on our phones, nature is beautiful.” He is dropping new music very soon and in the meantime, you can watch the music video for his track “Senses” below!


Instagram: joe_eid/

YouTube: Joe_Eid

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